“I am the good Shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me—just as the Father 
knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.” 
(John 10:14-15)

Do you know the Lord?
I don't mean "Do you know Who He is?"
I don't mean "Do you know that He is God's Son and was born in a manger?"
I don't mean "Do you know that He preached the good news, healed the sick 
and even restored life of someone who had died?"
I don't mean "Do you know what He did for mankind?"
I don't mean "Do you know that He was crucified and resurrected to be with His Father?"

Although these are good questions, 
the one asked still remains the same "Do you know the Lord?"
Unless He is revealed to us through a personal experience, we can never really know the Lord. 
Most of us know about the Lord, but that is quite different from knowing the Lord. 

We learn about Him at church (Sunday school, youth activities, worship services, etc.). 
However there are many who stop at this point in their quest to know the Lord.
It is one thing to be introduced to a person, 
but it is a totally different thing to know him personally.

When we really know someone, we learn to appreciate the qualities they possess.
We have a better understanding of why they do the things they do.
We enjoy our relationship with them and look forward to spending time with them.
We learn more about their characteristics.

We can sense the sincerity of their love for, and caring attitude, toward others.
We develop a greater love for them and develop a confidence in their dependability.
As we draw closer to them, we have a desire to know even more about them.
We value their advice and guidance.
We can talk to them openly and honestly.

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is the One we need to know about, and then know.
He is the One we need to infuse into our personal lives.
As we know Him better, it is easier to develop His characteristics in ourselves.
We are thankful for what He did for us on the cross, 
but we learn to appreciate His presence in our daily lives as well.

He has a message for those who do not really know Him.
    Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’
    (Matthew 7:23)

Answer the following questions:
    Do I know the Lord, or just know about Him.
    Do I have a desire to spend time knowing him better 
    on a daily basis, or only once a week?
    Does He influence the things I do and the decisions I make each day?
    Have I grown to appreciate and love Him more every day?
    How do I show that I really know Him and appreciate His love for me?
    Is He the top priority in my life - in everything I do and say?
    What changes should I make going forward?

    "Lord, You are, indeed, the good Shepherd, Who leads me each day.  
     Help me to love and know You more closely so that others may be 
     drawn to You by what they observe and hear in me. Teach me to 
     develop Your characteristics in my own life. Thank You for what
     You did for me on the cross."

About Don Woodruff

Retired from FedEx and dedicated to sharing God's Word with others. I send out devotionals M-F and have written two books: "The Crucifixion Catalyst / Unspoken Messages From God To Believers" (published and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble **out of print**) and "I'm Saved Now What?" (unpublished). I am currently working on a third one that will be a Daily Devotional.


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