“Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?” 
(John 11:40)

The word “believe” is defined as, “accepting (something) as true”.
We are told in the scriptures 
that “belief” is required for anyone to receive eternal life.
When we “accept as truth” that Jesus Christ is God’s Son 
who gave His life as a sacrifice for our sins, 
then we will receive eternal life.

But, we have to realize that “belief” includes much more 
than just an awareness that the sacrifice of Jesus is true.
When we believe in Him, it means we also believe in all of God’s Word.
Believing in God’s Word means 
that we have a desire to obey what we are told in the scriptures.

God didn’t inspire writers to contribute to His Word 
with a smorgasbord mentality, that allows believers 
to pick and choose which commands they like and will obey.
His Word includes instructions for the things we should avoid, 
as well as, the things He expects of those who “believe”.
Still, there are many who will only obey 
the commands of God that are attractive and palatable to them.

There are a growing number of Christians who are 
not obeying His command to worship together with other believers.
Some have substituted other activities for worshipping together.
Some are too lazy and selfish 
to get up and get dressed to worship with others.
Some have chosen to accept the misguided advice from pastors (some who 
are well known) that assembling together in God’s house is not necessary.

Think about that for a moment;
some are choosing man’s advice over God’s commands.
We can rationalize or justify all we want to, 
but when we fail to worship with others, we are not expressing “belief”.
Instead, it is blatant disregard of God’s commands, 
and a willful disobedience of what He expects of those who “believe”.

It is difficult to understand why some claim to “believe”, 
but refuse to obey.
Not only are they disappointing God Himself, 
but they are also creating bad worship habits for their children 
(and possibly neighbors who are watching to see if their “belief” is real).

“Belief” should also become a part of our day to day living.
Jesus told Martha that her belief would result in “seeing the glory of God”.
Martha was able to witness the miracle 
of her brother being brought back to life.
Obviously this was an incredible miracle from God, but we can also witness 
His miracles from time to time in our own lives, when we truly “believe”.
Anytime we see a miracle from God, we see His glory.

As the Lord was giving me the message for this devotional, we were able to
"see His glory". My wife's sister is in Nashville to receive stem cell 
treatment for myeloma. On Sunday, she had poison oak and cellulitis 
(potentially deadly), but God answered the prayers of many and on Monday 
(yesterday), her poison oak turned out to be poison ivy and she does not 
have cellulitis! This means she will be able to proceed with the chemo and 
stem cell treatment. This is one of those 'miracles of God' that allows us 
to 'see His glory'.

How comprehensive is your “belief”?
Do you follow God’s instructions in the Bible to the best of your ability?
Or, are you included in the groups 
who are only partially committed in their “belief”?
Partial belief falls into the category of “unbelief”.
God wants all of you!

“Heavenly Father, thank You for the promise of being able to see Your glory 
when I believe. Forgive me for holding back my commitment to You in certain 
areas, and in particular those areas that take me out of my comfort zone, 
or require extra effort on my part. Father, I want to see Your glory as I 
live my life here on earth and even more at the end of my earthly journey. 
I pray that I will realize the importance of obeying ALL of Your commands 
as an expression of my sincere belief in Jesus and Your Word. Forgive me for 
those I may have misled as a result of my disobedience of Your commands.”

About Don Woodruff

Retired from FedEx and dedicated to sharing God's Word with others. I send out devotionals M-F and have written two books: "The Crucifixion Catalyst / Unspoken Messages From God To Believers" (published and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble **out of print**) and "I'm Saved Now What?" (unpublished). I am currently working on a third one that will be a Daily Devotional.


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